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INTPs are a quiet bunch, isn't it :P

This is probably only relevant to people who liked reading. 

I have a question.  People had always described INTPs with detachment.  While I generally agree with the statement, I think I found an exception (maybe), at least for myself.  When I read an angsty piece of fiction, and especially if the author is vivid when describing psychological or physical distress, I tend to get afflicted by the emotion and feel really awful for it.  There really is no good reasons for it but I'd just brood over it for a bit.  (If it made no sense, This was what prompted the question)

So what was it, I am actually not as detached as I thought? I am influenced to feel something I don't? Or is this how it works?

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I made a comment one the previous post that I thought NTs tended to cluster. Has this been your experience, or could my own experience perhaps be coloured by the fact that most of the people I know where I now live I met in Engineering grad school?

According to Personality Desk, INFPs, INFJs, and INTPs tend to be good matches for INTPs. The INFs tend to "get" the INTP's need for autonomy but help keep the INTP focused on the relationship. INTJs tend to understand the INTP's T-ness but bring structure to a relationship (this one I can related to, having been happily married to an INTJ for more than 10 years).

Do you think that there are some types that get along better with INTPs? Worse? Ideas why these might be the case?

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As of this morning (Sunday, 3 May), we have 16 members. Given that we make up one of the smallest portions of the population (between 1% and 4%, depending on whose figures you quote), this is a substantial number given the number of people on DW.

Is everyone here an INTP? If not, what other personality types are represented here and what is your interest in INTPs? 
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Rokeon from over on LiveJournal, directed me to an alternative description of INTPs from Xeromag. Rather than hide it in a comment, it deserves a post of its own.

The typical INTP is a logical, abstract thinker whose intellect is ideally suited to understanding pure mathematics, linguistics, formal logic theory, and other pursuits unsuited to making a real living. The INTP can often understand even the most subtle nuances of lattice quantum chromodynamics, but cannot perform more concrete tasks such as dressing himself, operating a motor vehicle, or opening a door. An INTP may be able to tell you how to construct a nuclear reactor from a coconut and two pieces of string, but may be completely incapable of fixing a hole in a boat.
The INTP is really only suited to two careers: college professor and game show contestant. Of these career choices, only one offers the financial rewards which allows him to support himself; for that reason, INTPs often take the other path, and become tenured academics.
RECREATION: Surprisingly, INTPs are often the hit of the party--not for their sometimes annoying habit of turning every discussion into a debate about semantics nor for their fascinating stories about Pierre de Fermat's habit of writing things in the margins of his books, but for the fact that they often show up with their pants on backwards and that if you put a Post-It note reading "Kick Me" on an INTP's back, he won't notice it no matter how many people kick him. That kind of entertainment never gets old.
COMPATIBILITY: INTPs make ideal companions to INTJs, as neither of them notices they're in a relationship.
Famous INTPs include Pierre de Fermat and almost everyone who knows what Pierre de Fermat wrote in the margins of his book.
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I'd like to take a moment to welcome newcomers to the INTP list. We're still a small group so I thought it might be nice for each of us to post a "Hi, this is who I am" message to the community so we can get some idea of the variety of interests and backgrounds.

I am [personal profile] dracodraconis , both here and on Livejournal, but also go by d-k-mk on deviantArt where I post some of my photography. I used to manage mailing lists back in the early internet days and was briefly asked to moderate the jmbti_intp list on Livejournal, a task I promptly handed off to others because I was in the middle of grad school. Now that I'm out of school I should have more time to manage something like this, provided I can find someone to co-mod.

Professionally I am a researcher with a doctrate in Engineering and a degree in Mathematics, now working in the field of 3D imaging developing standards for laser imaging systems. In my off-time I dabble in photography and combat sports, specifically kick-boxing and sword-fighting (fencing and broadsword). In my journal I regularly post interesting articles from the 'net, primarly about science, news, and other geekery.


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